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“Rubber baby buggy bumpers” – Say this three times as fast as you can. How about, try saying ” Loopy lizards lying lazily aloft a little lane of logs,” without messing up. This Tongue Twister book is huge collection of funny phrases, ridiculous rhymes, and silly sentences that will have kids laughing for hours. Each one challenges your mouth muscles as you try to say these tongue twisters

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2 thoughts on “Tongue Twisters for Kids

  1. Michael Gallagher

    While this is titled as a book for kids, I am certain most adults will find this fairly humorous, also. Trying to say some of these silly phrases is almost impossible, but you will get a kick and a big round of laughter watching someone trying some of these (and the resulting sounds that come out as you foul them up) as well as your own attempts. I think the hardest one I’ve tried so far is “fresh fried fish, fish fresh fried, fried fish fresh, fish fried fresh.”

    I originally picked this up for free during a Kindle promotion vs. its normal price of $1.99: you and your family will certainly get more than $1.99 of entertainment and laughter value out of this one.

  2. Lisa

    Good tongue twisters for kids,my daughter laughed really hard. At the end of the bood there are a lot of links to other books. I don’t like that it so easily accessible for my seven year old to click on a link and accidently purchase something, I will have to be with her when she reads this one.

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