Sous Vide with Rack 8.7L Immersion Circulator Cooker Machine

Product Features

  • Precise temperature control helps you achieve perfect results every time
  • Silent simmering at the push of a button means life just got easier
  • Low temperature water bath settings so you can never overcook your food. Meals come out juicy, tender and cooked evenly
  • Complimentary E-guide included, so you can get started in just a few simple steps
  • 1 Year Warranty | 100% Money Back Guarantee
New Price: $299.00
You Save: $69.01

Product Description

1 – Place sealed food inside 2 – Set water and temperature using complimentary e-guide recipes 3 – Remove when done and serve, sear or add to the rest of your meal Sous Vide is a new cooking experience for the home kitchen. This sous vide machine takes up about the same space as a slow cooker but packs way more intensity of flavor. Scroll up to view the stainless steel rack, warranty and e-guide included in the images.

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