jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar with Interactive Guitar Lesson Apps for iOS and Mac. Real Strings and Bluetooth Connectivity

Product Features

  • The world's first digital Smart Guitar that connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Includes interactive teaching apps so you can learn chords in minutes. It's a guitar and lessons in one
  • The only guitar that can sense the placement of your fingers and display them in real-time, on screen, to show right from wrong. The instant feedback changes the game for anyone that wants to become a guitar player. No musical experience required.
  • The included software makes it fun to play like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but with the jamstik+, you'll actually learn how to play guitar for real. You'll never have to tune the jamstik+ so you can get to playing your favorite songs fast.
  • It's a perfect travel guitar. Its portable size fits in your backpack, briefcase or carry-on. Practice on the go or record & create songs directly on your mobile device. Make music anywhere.
  • As a fast and versatile MIDI controller, the jamstik+ can take you further than a standard guitar, allowing any sound like synths, keys, drums and more. Compatible with 100's of MIDI apps and DAW's like GarageBand, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live.
New Price: $299.99
Old Price: $299.99

Product Description

The first of it’s kind… Introducing the jamstik+, a BluetoothSmart enabled digital guitar with real strings and real frets. It works with your iPad, iPhone or Mac and a multitude of music apps, including an interactive guitar lessons app series, so anyone from beginners to pros can just play. The jamstik+ is hands-down the easiest and most fun way to learn guitar. You’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar. The jamstik+ can bring that vision to life. It fits your lifestyle because it’s portable and easy to get started. You learn at your pace, and on your schedule. No prior music experience and no tuning needed. There’s nothing else like it. Why? Because the jamstik+ is the only digital guitar that can sense your fingers and display on your favorite Apple device right from wrong, in real-time. It’s like having your personal music instructor at your side every time you play.

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